Bioinformatics Core

Bioinformatics Core

The Core Bioinformatics team is part of NYUAD’s Computational Genomics and Systems Biology group (CGSB). We are a diverse team of researchers who apply our knowledge, skills and experience to high-throughput genomics analysis. We work closely with our sister center in New York (NYUNY) to develop tools and resources for the entire NYU comunity.

Our mission is to:

  • Establish and maintain high throughput computational pipelines.
  • Collaborate and support NYUAD’s multi-disciplinary research programs.
  • Provide Scientific project management solutions to researchers.
  • Establish and maintain data management solutions.
  • Provide expert scientific consultation and advice.
  • Provide Bioinformatics training and personal development to the wider NYUAD community.
  • Develop new tools and resources for the analysis, visualization and management of high throughput genomics datasets.

Our team focuses on the following types of analysis:

  • Resequencing and structural variation analysis.
  • De novo genome and transcriptome assembly.
  • Metagenomic (16s and 18s) analysis as well as metagenomic assembly.
  • Epigenetic analysis.
  • Gene finding and annotation.
  • Expression analysis (differential gene expression and transcriptome profiling).

Check out our workshops and training opportunities:

  • Learn new languages and coding practices as a member of the Bioinformatics Coding Club.
  • Our Intro to Bioinformatics Workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get you started on your own analysis.
  • The Deep Sequence Analysis Bootcamp will provide some tools of the trade for deep sequence analysis.
  • Become an expert in study design and efficient analysis in our High Performance Computing Bioinformatics Workflows workshop.

We collaborate closely with the NYU New York Core Bioinformatics team, and as such, we have a number of active projects. The projects focus on analytical pipelines, infrastructure development and joint genomics resources, data policies and data management, as well as web resources.For further information regarding current developments, including blog posts, training events and seminars, as well as a list of available resources, please follow the link to the joint NYU Genomics Core website.

Researchers and Staff:

Nizar Drou: Bioinformatics Lead Developer
Jillian Rowe: Software Systems Architect
Lior Galanti: Research Associate
Mohammed Khalfan: Bioinformatics Specialist
Alan Twaddle: Research Associate
Ayman Yousif: Full Stack Developer