Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting

Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting

The Center currently operates a BD FACSAria III Sorter supplemented with BD FACSDiva v7.0 software. The Sorter houses 4lasers, namely ultraviolet 375nm, blue 488nm, yellow-green 561nm, and red 633nm, and is installed with 2 forward scatter/side scatter detectors + 12 fluorescence detectors capable of reading the near-full spectrum of emission wavelengths from blue (450nm) to infrared (780nm). It also comes with three different sizes of nozzle at 70um, 85um, and 100um for different sorting needs.


This equipment has a maximum acquisition rate of 70,000 events per second, and can produce a sorting purity of >98% and yield of >80% at maximum threshold rate. In addition to its cell sorting capabilities, the BD FACSAriaIII also includes sensitivity for multicolor and sorting applications.


  • Apoptosis & necrosis
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Genome analysis
  • Bacterial analysis
  • Cell Phenotyping and Cell Sorting
  • Purification of Cell population for downstream applications
  • Multicolour analysis
  • Cell surface markers, live/dead discrimination

Downstream applications:

  • Cell culture
  • Protein extraction
  • RNA extraction
  • Gene and protein array analysis
  • Sequencing

Researchers and Staff:

Mehar Sultana: FACS Core Manager